Full head shield goggles

Chest protector

Throat protector


Kids size overall

Kids size gloves

Firepower without bruises

Lighter (0,9 kg) marker

Smaller paintballs .50 CAL

Paintball tuned in NOT ONLY for kids

The main differences between Junior Paintball and Standard Paintball are in lighter marker and smaller paintballs. Because of paintballs .50 CAL which have more than 60% lower kinetic energy (in comparison with standard paintballs .68 CAL), it can be simply said that Junior Paintball doesn´t hurt.

For Junior Paintball we have extra added special gear e.g. full-head shield goggles and chest protector into the basic equipment.

All the equipment is made especially for kids such as overalls with padded collar serving as a neck protector and kid´s size gloves for the perfect comfort and safety.

To sum up, Junior Paintball is made for all kids, teenagers and not only for them. Even parents and their friends can enjoy same fun like their kids. We also have normal sized overalls, of course Smile.

Paintball goggles

Paintball goggles

  • full-head shield goggles
  • antifog thermal glass with 260° view



  • kid´s sizes
  • padded collar serving as a neck protector

Paintball gloves

Paintball gloves

  • kid´s sizes
  • ergonomically shaped
  • finger protection

Chest protector

Chest protector

  • securing side bands

Sport marker .50 CAL SPYDER OPUS

Sport marker .50 CAL SPYDER OPUS

  • Light, easy to handle - only 0,9 kg (standard markers around 1,7 kg)
  • 10“ micro barrel
  • anti slide grip
  • safety button
  • high efficiency of the air sytem valve Patent Pending EKOTM

Loader - almost double capacity = 350 paintballs (standard loader = 200 paintballs)

Air system - more than 600 shots on one filling


Paintballs for Junior Paintball __(.50cal)__

Paintballs for Junior Paintball (.50cal)

Smaller diameter than standard paintballs

More than 60% lower kinetic energy

Kinetic energy = max 5 Joule

Standard paintballs __(.68cal)__

Standard paintballs (.68cal)

Kinetic energy = 13 Joule

  • Military base Benešov
  • Paintball Milovice
  • Indoor Paintball Prague
  • Paintball Prague 5 - Smíchov

Where to play?

Junior Paintball can be played by your kids in all our outdoor paintball fields:

- Paintball Prague 5 - Smíchov

- Indoor Paintball Prague

- Paintball Benešov

- Paintball Milovice

After an agreement we can also organize paintball directly at your place :).

How much Junior paintbal cost?

How much Junior paintbal cost?

Entry fee / 2 hour game 150 CZK
Equipment fee / marker with driving medium + full head shield goggles 150 CZK
Clothes / overall with throat protector + gloves + chest protector 100 CZK
Full equipment (marker, goggles, overall, chest protector and gloves) 400 CZK
Paintballs .50 CAL 1 CZK/pc




Perfect place for your STAG and HEN parties. You can be amazed by Paintball, Archery, Airsoft, Shooting ranges, Bubble football and that´s not the ending! 100% FUN FOR EVERYONE!

Paintball academy

Paintball academy together with paintball club Troja offer continuous training programme for young and beginning players. BECOME THE PRO PLAYER!